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The Huynh Law Firm, PLLC 

To get the best possible result, choosing the right law firm is crucial. The Huynh Law Firm, PLLC  has represented clients who have suffered personal injury or death as a result of other people’s negligence. Most of our clients are referred by other lawyers and prior clients. Since our firm is selective in the cases that we agree to handle we put in all of the time and money that is required to maximize the ultimate recovery for the injury suffered and believe that over the years our results are unsurpassed.

Our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented individuals and families in Texas who suffered injury by the negligence or recklessness of others and we understand how devastating and overwhelming it can be to deal with mounting costs and suffering caused by serious personal injury. We retain the very best experts including accident reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers, medical doctors, forensic pathologists, economists and other experts from the various disciplines involved in the case because every personal injury case requires the plaintiff to prove both liability and damages. Each case has its own set of associated costs, including pain and suffering, lost wages, the cost of care and many other monetary costs and these must be clearly demonstrated. Our lawyers will document and preserve any evidence necessary to prove your case and meticulously prepare your case for trial.

The attorneys at The Huynh Law Firm, PLLC are passionate with helping accident victims get the justice they deserve. Our goal is to get you the best result possible.